Wild Product in the Making: Dyson Electrolux Vacuum Shoes

Looks like Dyson-Electrolux are looking at the possibility of vacuum shoes. These are shoes that you can wear around the house that will literally vacuum your floor as you walk on it.
I hesitate to say “what will they think of next?” Personally, I’m the type who might say “why hasn’t someone thought of this already?” Unfortunately, this vacuum shoe is only in the development stage right now. I can’t help but wonder where the dirt will be stored. I mean, it’s not like the contraption has any obvious attached bag or anything. Maybe it puts all the dirt in your sock. It’s not like your socks ever stay clean anyway.

Also, I can’t help but wonder if these vacuum shoes will be motorized? One of the reasons I put off my vacuuming is because I can’t stand the sound of it blaring through the house. I wouldn’t want to wear this horrendous noise while I’m walking around the house all the time. How could I hear the TV?

Feeling Lazy? No Problem!

And another thing: am I going to feel the vacuum power? I would hate it if the shoes sucked so much that I couldn’t lift my legs from the floor. (It was really hard not to make “suck” jokes about these shoes, especially when their color well…sucks.) If they do work like that, then maybe they should sell these shoes to NASA’s anti-gravity training program as the new magnetic boots. If they sucked real bad, maybe you could walk on walls.

Wait, I know! Maybe they should be in the next James Bond movie. I can see it now: the bad guy has bond at gunpoint, when all of a sudden, Bond lifts up his foot, turns on the vacuum power, and the man’s gun is suddenly sucked onto Bond’s heel. On second thought, he should probably use a magnet.

Furthermore, I don’t think these vacuum shoes are going to be a substitute for genuine Hoover-style vacuuming. After all, the dirtiest parts of my carpet are the places that I do not walk on. I would have to walk all over my house to make certain I cleaned every inch of my carpet. By the way, I wonder how much “sole” is in the suction. You can’t tell me that all the bottoms of my feet will suck up dust. More likely, just certain parts. You can just hear your roommate or spouse saying: “you missed a spot.”

vacuuming shoes

It seems like everyday someone tries to come up with some device to make our lives easier by combining two things that we generally do together. For example, the scented toilet paper holders that release fresh air with every spin, or those electric shavers that clean when they are idle. However, vacuuming and walking are not necessarily two products that go great together. Maybe we’d better not just invent a device simply because we can.

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